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Joelle Perry 2015 Ready to Wear at Haiku Mill

We would love to share with you our first photography project of 2015. The Haiku Mill was a fantastic location to showcase Joelle Perry’s new bridal line, the 2015 ready to wear collection. This shoot takes place in and around the ruins of what was once an operating sugar mill, dating back the the mid-1800’s. Viewing the Haiku Mill has the ability to allow one to step through time, or into dreams, opening a realm of possibilities. Add a touch of bridal fashion, and immediately the dreams take on a life of their own. This bridal line by Joelle Perry is lovingly created, with focus on the comfort and satisfaction of the bride. Joelle’s style is modern and versatile, practical yet elegant, an all around perfect choice for a bride who wants to add a bit more meaning to her wedding attire. The 2015 ready to wear collection includes 3 pieces, the Alana gown, the Sanna jumpsuit, and the Lydie gown. Please check out Joelle Perry’s website for her story and more info on the dresses!

A big MAHALO to the incredible talent from Maui who helped us bring this dream shoot into reality:

Pacific Weddings for featuring us on their love notes blog!!

The Haiku Mill, voted one of the top 25 wedding destinations in the world!

Joelle Perry for her gorgeous bridal designs

Love Me Jewelry for the jewel adornment

Jessica Waite for the flawless artistry with makeup and hair

Jessica Blair for modeling the work of all these artists

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